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The Document Vault is a very powerful tool that enables you to encrypt and decrypt your personal documents with a single click. You can store virtually any files or folders on your PC within the Vault, and they will be encrypted and invisible to anyone but you.

How to scan your documents

  • Select Scan to search for documents on your computer that may contain personal information and are stored in the more common folders, such as ‘My Documents’, ‘Desktop’ etc’.
  • Select ‘Deep Scan’ for a full computer scan. Please note – the deep scan may take a while as it goes through all of your computer files in search of such sensitive information containing documents.
image how to Scan documents

Understanding the scan results

Upon completion of the documents scan, you will see a list of found documents, each document type, and the detection type.
Per each document, you can either ignore it or move it to the documents vault.

  • Ignore: The ignore option will leave the documents in their current locations and skip it in the next document scan.
  • Move to Vault: moving a document to the vault will both encrypt the document with a high level file encryption algorithm as well as remove it from its original location. Unless removed from the vault, these documents can now only be accessed through the vault.
image document scan results

Can I open the file from the result screen, to review it?

Yes, you can, double clicking the name of the file will open the file in its original location.

image open document file 1
image open document file 2
image open document file 3

Accessing the Documents Vault

Click on the View Vault button

image view vault button

Enter your windows User name and Password and click OK

image windows security login

How to add a new document to the Vault

Click on the checkbox and click move to vault button

image make selection choose move to vault button

How to lock the Vault

To lock the Vault you need to click on the lock icon and the vault will be password protected again

image make selection choose move to vault button

Can I add a file that is not shown in the scan results to the vault? Can I add other file types? What about folders?

Yes, there are 2 ways to do this:

1. Find the files or folders you wish to secure into the vault, click on them once to mark them, and right click.
In the pop-menu you will have the option to ‘Add to Cyber Privacy Suite Vault’. Click that option to add it to the vault directly.

image select add to vault

2. From within the Vault (this is for a single file addition):
click on the + icon and choose the file you wish to add to your vault.

image click plus icon

To add an entire folder:

Click the folder icon

image click folder icon

Select a folder from your local computer and click ‘OK’

Restoring a file/folder from the vault

  • Open the vault
  • Find the file or folder you wish to remove from the vault
  • Click the ‘-‘ icon
image click minus icon

Select the new location you wish to export your files to

image select location

Can I edit a file that is in the Vault?

  • Yes, double click the file within the vault
  • The file will open
  • Edit the file and close it. It will be saved and encrypted inside the vault
image select location

How to export your documents from the vault

Click on the export Icon -> files will be exported to a local folder of your choosing

image click export icon

How to import documents to the vault if you have already been using IDSeal Pro-Tec

In case you are migrating between 2 computers, old and new for example, you should do the following in order to keep your vaulted files secure:

  • Click on the export Icon  files will be exported to a local folder of your choosing.

To import the files to the Vault in your new computer:

  • Copy the exported file to the destination computer
  • Click on the Import Icon
  • Select the file you exported from the previous device.
click import icon

How to add and manage categories in the vault

– Click on the ‘+’ icon to add a new category.
– Select a category name.

image select category plus icon
image add category

IDSeal Titan provides tools and resources to protect your data and identity, but it is impossible to eliminate the risk of cybercrime or identity theft entirely. Your own efforts to prevent unauthorized access play an important role, and the security of your personal information depends on your use of proper physical, electronic and procedural safeguards.